The advancement of science and technology contributes to the increasing demands of quality health services specifically in midwifery area as the basic services for women in both national and international contexts. This development bring about the need to provide higher level of education through the establishment of Magister Kebidanan (Master Program in Midwifery) with an expectation  of being able to transfer and disseminate midwifery science.

On the basis of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 14 Year 2005 on Teacher and  Lecturer, Midwifery Education Institutions needs teachings staffs with Master (S2) qualifications. Under this umbrella, and authority exerted by the Directorate of Higher Education to the Rector of Universitas Brawijaya, No. 1462/D/T/2010 on Establishment of Midwifery Study Program (S2) at Universitas Brawijaya, this university offers the program.

The  Master Program in Midwifery at FMUB aims at producing graduates competent as scientists with the abilities to implement and develop Midwifery sciences in advanced level, concentrated in scope, and scholarly in nature. Contextually, the graduates are also expected to deepen the knowledge, expand . their insights, improve the competencies, and develop their intellectual maturity which is an asset in developing their careers both as educator and researcher in Midwifery.