Organization Structure of Alumni

  • Chair                             : Cory Chorajon Situmorang
  • Secretary                     : Rismaina Putri
  • Treasurer                   : Feva Tridiyawati

Regional Coordinator

DKI Jakarta                                        : Jehanara

Central Java  and  Yogyakarta      : Alfie Ardiana Sari

East Java                                             : Inayah Nurhidayati

Bali                                                        : Gusti Ayu Dwina Mastryagung

South Sulawesi                                   : Ruqaiyah

Kalimantan                                         : Inda corniawati

Papua                                                    : Yumi Abimulyani

Alumni Association of Master’s Program in Midwifery is under the Alumni Association of UB (IKA) FMUB commissariat. Alumni are expected to provide positive contribution and participation in supporting the development of the academic program . The participation can be in the form of:

1. Participation in the Academic area:

  1. Fund that will be utilized for procurement of supporting educational tools such as manikin and practicum equipment
  2. Textbook
  3. IKA UB at FMUB commissariat also plays an active role in administering Continuous Medical Education in the form of scientific seminar especially in the area of obstetrics-gynecology which is one of the MDGs target.
  4. Alumni that hold a position as the head of regional hospital are expected to make hospital under his/her management available as a peripheral or teaching hospital
  5. Alumni who own private hospital provide internship opportunities for students.

2. Participation of alumni in  non-academic area:

  1. Providing scholarship for financially less able students and retired administration staffs
  2. A Cataract bus to support community services activities, sound system and electone (musical) organ to support students and staff activities
  3. Conducting community services directly to the society in the form of mass medical treatment and mass circumcision
  4. Alumni taking a position as the head of   regional or private hospitals prioritize medical doctors graduated from FMUB as the medical staffs
  5. IKA UB also provides a building facility that can be used for students activities.